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Verify Yourself With Coinhub

If you are looking to purchase bitcoin via an online method such as Bank Transfer or PayPal, you may be asked to verify your ID. We verify customers to:

  • To prove you are the owner of the bank account being used to transfer funds

When verifying your ID you will need to provide two photos:

When taking these photos remember:

  • Use Photo ID (Such as Drivers License, Proof of Age card, Passport, Student ID etc.)
  • The name on your ID matches the name on your bank or Paypal account.
  • Make sure the photo is clear, and not blurry or distorted.
  • The photos are not edited in any way. This includes covering your address, license number etc.

Photos are stored securely offline, using encryption to ensure your identity is never at risk of being stolen.

When sending your photos, coinhub offers the following communication options:


​If you are worried about the safety of your documents being sent, we recommend sending your photos via : Our Secure Identification Upload System (on the right), LocalBitcoins attachment upload, Wickr or Telegram.