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Cash Deposit (ATM)

This is the FASTEST way to obtain Bitcoin from coinhub. All you have to do is go to one of our banks ATM’s that allow deposits.  These ATM’s are generally referred to as “smart ATM’s” You will receive your bitcoins within minutes of making the cash deposit !

Below are the advantages of using this method to buy Bitcoins.

  • No verification needed ! (full anonymity)
  • FASTEST way to get Bitcoin. (within minutes of confirming payment)

To buy BTC using cash deposit, select what bank you would like to deposit to:

Clicking on these buttons, or logos will open a new tab and take you to to complete transaction.

ASB BankCash ATM Deposit


ANZ BankCash ATM Deposit


BNZ BankCash ATM Deposit


TSB BankCash ATM Deposit

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.25.46 PM

Co-operative BankCash ATM Deposit


Westpac BankCash ATM Deposit


If you are unsure of how to use please click on the link here for a tutorial. (its very easy)